April 18, 2015

Brands Represented

ARTOS ENGINEERING COMPANY – Artos Engineering is a leading name in the wire processing world. Artos Engineering designs and manufactures technologically advanced, labor-saving wire processing systems that allow customers to stay productive and gain a competitive edge.

AUSTIN AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY (AAT) – AAT Corp. is the manufacturing leader of aqueous, solvent batch and inline cleaning systems including the introduction of the award-winning HYDROJET™ series.

DELVO (Nitto Kohki) – A full line of electric screwdrivers that are high-quality tools for professional use, with special emphasis on precise torque control and long-term reliability.

DESCO INDUSTRIES, LLC – A full line of ESD control products including material handling, monitoring, ionization, test equipment, specialty workstations and flooring. Also included under the Desco corporate family is Statguard (flooring) and EMIT (ESD Testing). ESD Surveys are available.

DESPATCH INDUSTRIES – Despatch Industries is a global leader in high performance industrial ovens and other thermal products used for a host of critical applications, focusing on the electronics, healthcare, materials, transportation and industrial markets.

DIGITALTEST – Digitaltest develops and manufactures automated test equipment (ATE) for electronic printed circuit boards (PCB), software for production automation and quality management systems.

EXCELTA CORPORATION – A complete line of precision hand tools for the electronics industry including tweezers, cutters, pliers, brushes, probes, scissors, spatulas and the Excelta “Total Tool Care Program”. With the ETTC we can manage your production floor tools for maximum efficiency.

HOVER-DAVIS – Also known as “The Feeder Company”, they provide world-class component feeding solutions to the global electronics assembly industry.

MENDA – Manufacturer of high performance line of dish type liquid dispenser pumps and bottles and specialty tools such as Circuit tracers, Probes, Spudgers, ESD Vacuums, ESD Brushes, ESD Dissipative Gloves, and Silicone-Free Lotion.

NATHAN TROTTER – Is a prime source for the highest purity and best availability for tin and solder alloys in North America since 1789.

PERCEPTIVE INDUSTRIES, INC. – Creates a wide array of customized industrial ovens designed to address specific customer goals. They serve firms engaged in diverse manufacturing environments, including companies with specialized aerospace and automotive facilities.

PROTEKTIVE PAK – Offers a full line of ESD Packaging Solutions including handlers, containers, bin boxes, carriers, Tek Trays, etc.

RAPIDTHERM – Offers the advantage of a single zone chamber design that can perform thermal shock testing without moving the device under test.

TECHSPRAY, INC./PLATO – Full line including cleaners/degreasers, defluxers, dusters, desoldering braids,  and solder equipment/specialty products.

TENBORG TECHNOLOGIES, LLC – Tenborg Technologies LLC supplies the wire harness industry with high precision wire and cable processing equipment.

THERMALTRONICS, INC. – Manufacturer with a complete line of hand soldering/desoldering tips and stations, hot air rework systems, preheaters and fume extractors.

TRESTON – is a world leading supplier of industrial furniture and workstations.

XURON CORPORATION – Leading manufacturer of ergonomic electronics-grade hand tools for the electronics and aerospace industries.

WEIDMULLER– Global provider of wire processing tools used by professionals in industries where precise connections for data, signals, and power are required by standards and engineering specifications.