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We take pride in the brands, products, and services we represent. Our sales representatives are skilled and knowledgeable across various industry sectors which include but are not limited to: ESD solutions (electro static discharge), wire processing, electronic production, assembly tools and equipment, thermal processing solutions, hand tools, cutters, chemicals, cleaners/degreasers, and supplies for PCBs.

AMTI’s SLICE® and SHRINK® machines are quality engineered to be rugged, robust, and reliable.  The SLICE® solutions serve a variety of precision cutting requirements such as multi-conductor, flat ribbon cable, heat shrink tubing, insulation material, convoluted tubing, hose, or wire.  The SHRINK® is a turbulent airflow convection-style conveyor oven that can be easily moved into the production cell to increase manufacturing velocities and limit process variations.

Baron Blakeslee offers industrial cleaning equipment. Since 1920, they have been “The Original American Solvent Vapor Degreasing Company.” They offer complete solvent cleaning strategies such as Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasers and Open Top Vapor Degreasers, compatible with halogenated, hydrocarbon & modified alcohol solvents. Additionally, they also offer aqueous precision and industrial cleaning equipment, coating systems, standard and custom designs, and material handling. All equipment is designed and built in their factory in Williamstown, WV, USA.

PC board cleaning is the most expensive when using individual aerosol cans and can instantly offer considerable savings with a solvent vapor degreasing solution from Baron Blakeslee.

Is a leader in products designed for fume extraction through the latest technology.  They are more than just a ‘filtering’ company, as the engineering and expertise needed to develop the high quality and low lifetime cost of ownership on products is an achievement they are proud to announce. Specifically for our PC board industry, extracting the fumes from soldering, especially lead-free solder can have short and long term health advantages.  Their solder fume extraction systems are designed for single or multiple-operator stations that may generate fume comprising resin particulate and gaseous organic compounds.

Solder flux fume is recognised as a top cause of occupational asthma ( 2022. Solderer – common causes of asthma – HSE. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 February 2022].), therefore understanding and controlling this hazard can be a key part of any health and safety programme.

Their range of filtering comprises two types of systems: tip (‘T’) extraction, for high pressure/ low airflow soldering processes; and volume (‘V’) for low pressure/ high airflow electronics processes, with features including three-stage filtration, advanced airflow design and filter condition display that helps to keep a clean work environment and productivity high.

Nitto Kohki’s “Delvo” electric screwdrivers are high-quality tools for professional use, with special emphasis on precise torque control and long-term reliability. “Delvo” gives you the ability to get it right, every time.  Contact us today to see an in-person demonstration of the DELVO tools.

  • Repeatable Accuracy – Designed to provide more consistent torque every time.
  • Reduced Recoil – Sophisticated clutches and a motor braking system reduce the hand recoil at the end of the screw-tightening operation, reducing user fatigue.
  • Long-Life – Brushless electric screwdrivers assure a long operating life.
  • Brushless Motors – No brushes to replace and a wide torque range allow brushless screwdrivers to be used in various applications for extended periods of time.
  • Faster – High-speed motors cut down on screw tightening time and enhance productivity.
  • Quiet – Compared to conventional pneumatic screwdrivers, the “Delvo’s” screwdrivers are much quieter.

Desco, incorporated in 1979, the leader is ESD Control and more, still today based in Southern California. Origins go back to the days of “DESCO Circuitracer”, and then static control products in 1982.  Ionizers and wrist strap testers were in the 1988s, various growth over the years, with the well known acquisition of 3M’s static control division in 2015, now branded as “SCS”.

Wilson is proud to have repped DESCO from the early 1980s and continue through today and the future.

A full line of ESD control products including material handling, monitoring, ionization, test equipment, specialty workstations, and flooring. Also included under the Desco corporate family are Statguard (flooring) and EMIT (ESD Testing). Call for a no-obligation ESD Site survey of your facility.

As a DESCO trained and authorized representative, we can offer many product demos and samples.  Contact us today for a in-person demonstration of the Desco range of tools and solutions.

For over 120 years, Despatch Industries has been and still is a global leader in high-performance industrial ovens and furnaces with a focused commitment to the electronics, healthcare, materials, transportation, and industrial markets. Despatch was incorporated in 1902 and has recently reached the 200,000 oven milestone since its formation.  Despatch has a broad offering of industrial processing ovens that include laboratory, benchtop, Class A, heat treat, conveyor, curing, depyrogenation, clean process HEPA filtration, reach-in, walk-in, truck-in, and more.

Despatch was acquired by Illinois Tool Works and marketed under the ITW EAE umbrella (electronic assembly equipment).

Contact us today for more information and review of your technical requirements on ITW EAE’s Despatch industrial ovens.

EMIT is a brand of Desco specializing in monitors. ionizers, testers, and verification equipment for ESD control plan management.  EMIT is well known for their “Smart Log” hardware and software solution with exceptional reporting and quality.  The SmartLog Pro® is used to verify the functionality of personnel grounding equipment, logging the results, and control access to the ESD Protected Area. All test activity is logged into a database to meet the ANSI/ESD S20.20 and IEC 61340-5-1 requirement for “Compliance verification records shall be established and maintained” and for on-going quality control purposes.  This solution alleviates the need for paper-and-pen, manual logs.

As a DESCO trained and authorized representative, we can offer many product demonstrations.  Contact us today about automating your ESD control plan’s testing requirements.

HEPCO, Inc. has designed and built component lead-forming equipment in its Sunnyvale, California facility since the early 1970s. They work with some of the world’s largest sub-contract assemblers and OEMs in Silicon Valley. Their client list encompasses small start-up companies, and large EMS in aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing (providing lead-forming solutions from single-stroke forming to bowl-fed systems). Additionally, HEPCO has recently expanded its line to include PCB de-paneling equipment for routed PCBs; as well as a new BGA Sphere Placement System which uses vacuum pick-up and placement of spheres for an entire array at once.  HEPCO also offers BGA reballing equipment.

HEPCO has recently broadened its range to incorporate equipment for de-paneling PCBs that have been routed. Additionally, a new BGA Sphere Placement System has been introduced that utilizes vacuum pick-up and placement of spheres for an entire array simultaneously, offering a proper mechanical approach for bumping or reballing BGA components. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any inquiries.

Also known as “The Feeder Company”, Hover-Davis provides world-class component placement feeding solutions to the global electronics assembly industry.  For your traceability needs, Hover-Davis has the AXIUM Media Presenter.  This is a flexible alternative for placing labels automatically with existing pick-and-place equipment. Many of the feeders offer upgraded/improved features from the original OEM.  

JOKARI, based in Germany, Jokari-Krampe GmbH (Limited) targets the stripping and dismantling technology for all types of wires, cables, and conductors.

The hand tools are ergonomically designed and function as expected every time.  Tool types are cableknifes, wire strippers, and strippers with crimping functions.  Cable types supported are NYM, ASI, Sensor, Solar with outdoor isolation, coax, flat, flexible conductor, CAT5/6/7 data comm, and Olflex.

As a JOKARI trained and authorized representative, we can offer many product demos.  Contact us today and demo the JOKARI product line with us.

Kretus is the industry expert with concrete floor coatings.  Desco and Wilson Industries have partnered with Kretus to offer our customers a solution for ESD epoxy flooring applications which are to Desco/Statguard’s installation requirements.  Epoxy floors need very specific installation requirements, humidity, temperature, mixture, and process control.  Kretus prides themselves with nationwide coverage of factory trained and authorized contractors working to the highest standard and quality.

Mid America Taping and Reeling, Inc. (MATR) specializes in SMD, Axial and Radial Taping, Forming, Baking, Programming, and Lead tinning services. They also thermoform carrier tape pockets and trays. MATR will design the proposed pocket or tray and provide a CAD drawing for your approval before manufacturing. Mid America also injection molds take-up reels in a variety of sizes. Additionally, MATR distributes PSA and heat cover tape, static shield bags, desiccant, and HIC cards. They distribute Amerivacs vacuum sealing machines. Woman-owned business Certified since 1983. ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Is a prime source for the highest purity and best availability for tin and solder alloys in North America since 1789.  Nathan Trotter offers bar solder products and solid solder wire in spools.

Nexgen UV lights, in partnership with 59S, offers the next generation of UV sanitizing light.  The light bulbs/fixtures are dual purpose………useable light when a proximity sensor detects motion, and then a UV sanitizing light with automatic disinfection when no motion or a timer is met.  Various bulb sizes and fixtures are available, such as BR30, A19/A60,  LED Panel lights, LED downlights, UFO LED Lights, disinfection chambers, and HVAC LED air sterilizers.

As a NEXGEN / 59S trained and authorized representative, we can offer many product demos.  Contact us today and in-person demo the Nexgen UV Lights product line with us.

Protektive Pak, formerly Brick Container, offers a full line of ESD Packaging Solutions including handlers, containers, bin boxes, carriers, Tek Trays and much more.

As a Protektive Pak / Desco Industries trained and authorized representative, we can offer many product demonstrations and coordinate samples.

Contact us today for an in-person demonstration and review of the ONLY dissipative, impregnated corrugated product for ESD packaging solutions

Leading supplier for over 45 years in the electronic component packaging and processing industry by providing cost-effective component packaging and processing options with fast return on investment. Q.Corporation proudly designs, builds, and markets quality equipment sold globally to process, handle, and package electronic components. Lastly, Q. Corporation can create a variety of custom-designed packaging and processing solutions to meet the diverse requirements of their customers.

Specializes in the manufacture of environmental test chambers in Chandler Arizona USA, with linear ramping of 5°C to 30°C per minute for ESS testing.  Their design provides for an energy-efficient single-zone chamber utilizing a patented thermal storage system to achieve extremely fast air temperature change rates.  These chambers can be used for thermal shock testing with the advantage of no basket transfer system and no liquid nitrogen requirement.  Rapidtherm chambers are available in either 2, 4, or 12 cubic feet.  Temperature Range of all models: -75ºC to +200ºC

Contact us for more details on the various Rapidtherm test chambers and for quotations.

Rubis manufactures the highest quality and design of  tweezers and tools made in Switzerland.  Rubis was formed in the 1950s and has expanded their tweezer and scissor styles, shapes, and colors while expanding into the beauty market.

As a RUBIS trained and authorized representative, we can offer in-person product demonstrations and reviews.
Contact us today for an in-person demonstration of Rubis tweezers and scissors.

We are proud to represent the Scienscope X-Ray inspection product line.  The X-Ray inspection systems division offers state of the art X-ray cabinet systems with the highest performance to price ratio in the industry while offering a competitive and reasonable cost of ownership.  Choose from three models in 2024 of Xspection 1860, Xspection 3000, or AXI 7300.  The entry level system is 100KV, with the middle unit offering 130KV flagship offline inspection, and the inline unit of 130KV.

Contact us today for more details on the Scienscope X-Ray inspection division.

Statguard Flooring a division of DESCO Industries, is the leading ESD floor solutions provider.  Statguard offers more than just “ESD Epoxy” for your floor, as they also offer ESD floor alternatives such as interlocking floors, vinyl tile, interlocking vinyle tile, carpet tiles, rubber tile, grounding rods, floor finishes, floor maintenance, measurement meters, and conductive epoxy.  We have partnered with KRETUS for installation of floor conductive epoxy for your concrete flooring needs.

Contact us today for a product sample on your ESD flooring needs from Statguard Flooring.

A proven industry leader in the manufacturing of precision cutters, pliers, and tweezers for the medical device, injection molding, electronics, and jewelry industries. Swanstrom additionally offers a line of pneumatic cutters for automated processes.

As a Swanstrom trained and authorized representative, we can offer in-person product demonstrations with our Swanstrom tool kit, exhibiting many different types of tools that you can try out.
Contact us today for an in-person demonstration of the various Swanstrom, high quality hand tools.

As a global leader in ergonomic industrial furniture and workstations; they make workspaces smarter for your industry.  Treston is more than just a manufacturer of industrial workstations, workbenches, and seating, as ergonomics and innovation increase quality and comfort.  Visit Treston’s website to check out the 3D configurator.

TRI – Test Research, Inc., USA offers the most robust product portfolio in the industry for automatic test and inspection solutions. From Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and 3D AXI systems to Manufacturing Defect Analyzers (MDA) and In-Circuit Test (ICT) equipment, TRI provides the most cost-effective solutions to meet a wide range of manufacturing test and inspection requirements. TRI also provides Bare Board Automated Optical Inspection (PCB AOI) systems used in PCB manufacturing and IC Test equipment for the semiconductor industry.

Industry leader in dry cabinet storage.  XDry prides themselves in rapid recovery dry cabinets with ultra-low relative humidity storage for moisture sensitive devices such as:  Electronics, PCBs, Optics, Cameras, Laboratory equipment and supplies.  The greatest feature is that no nitrogen is needed.  Desiccant dry cabinets are also known as desiccators, dry boxes, dehumidifying cabinets, and ultra low humidity storage cabinets. XDry also offers options on the dry cabinets, such as: shelves, sliding reel racks, dividers, sliding shelves, ESD grounding points, lighting, dat arecorders, casters, leveling feet, and a nitrogen purge system.

Contact us today for more information, cabinet demonstrations, and a quote on XDry cabinets.

Xuron has been manufacturing quality, precision hand tools for over 40 years and is the original inventor and patent holder of the Micro-Shear® blade by-pass cutting method, employed on all Xuron® brand cutters.

Xuron’s first product was developed specifically for cutting printed circuit board lead wires. Today Xuron manufactures over 100 different tools including the Micro-Shear® Flush Cutters, Pliers, Forming Tools, Wire Strippers, Micro-Pneumatic™ Cutters, Scissors, and Wickgun™ Desoldering Braid Dispensers.

Markets for Xuron® tools include industrial electronics, wire processing, plastics de-gating, telecommunications, and more.

All Xuron® brand products are manufactured at their factory in Saco, Maine, USA.

As a XURON trained and authorized representative for over 40 years, we can offer in-person product demonstrations and reviews.

Contact us today for an in-person demonstration of the various Xuron hand tools.

With our unmatched sales expertise, Wilson Industries, Inc. has successfully represented leading manufacturing brands since 1968. If you would like us to represent your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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